We have strong expertise in renewables and many other kinds of energy projects.

Fieldstone is a known quantity to every major participant in the energy market, given its 30 year track record of successful projects around the globe. We are best known for our work on thousands of megawatts of power generation in Africa, South America, Asia and Europe.

We have evolved our organizational emphasis from fossil fuels to renewable energy, which dominates our current workload, and is in keeping with our support for the energy transition and carbon reduction. While we are focused on Africa and emerging markets, we have recently conducted successful sales processes for 1,300 MW of wind projects in Sweden. The global reach of our network is appropriate for a truly global market – in terms of both the location of the involved asset and the source of capital.

Fieldstone’s work has extended beyond generation to related infrastructure (pipelines, transmission and distribution systems, including a number of off-grid ventures) and energy technology where we have been involved in novel generation technologies, battery storage and green hydrogen projects.

Case Studies