Meet the Team

Andrew Smith-Maxwell has 25 years’ experience as an adviser and principal in the infrastructure sector and in African businesses. He joined Fieldstone in 2003 having been the head of Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein’s global utility team. Recently, he has worked extensively with private companies in Nigeria.

Jason Harlan is Chief Executive Officer of Fieldstone. He has over 25 years of experience in energy and infrastructure as an investment banker, utility executive, developer, and finance/corporate attorney. He has transacted in nearly 50 countries around the world in the sector.

He joined Fieldstone in 2003, after launching and guiding the highly successful 1.7 Billion US $ investment in the integrated Berlin utility by Southern Company (later Mirant) over a seven year period.

He led the management buy out of Fieldstone from Gensec, a division of Sanlam in 2003-4. Harlan stepped back from a full time role at Fieldstone when he assumed a position as head of a sugar-based ethanol company in Africa and Latin America for two prominent family offices (Rupert and DeBenedetti) from 2007-2010, while maintaining his stake in the Fieldstone business.

Harlan assumed his current role as Chief Executive in 2015. Harlan has built upon Fieldstone’s market position as leader in Africa with the opening of regional offices in Nairobi, Dakar and Casablanca.  He has respected the long international record of Fieldstone by consolidating global ownership and direction,  reemphasizing the practice in Latin America, concluding major projects in Europe and establishing a presence in Washington, DC. Under Harlan, Fieldstone has consciously moved beyond advisory to take positions in principal (the African development resource subsidiary, FAIR) and asset management in order to become a full financial platform for its clients. Finally, Harlan has driven Fieldstone’s embrace of renewable and new technology projects, deemed to be key in mastering the shifting energy paradigm.

Harlan has a BSFS degree from Georgetown University, an MA from St John’s (Annapolis) and a JD from Cornell University.

Senior Advisors

The former Chief Operating Officer of the African Development Bank recently retired after a 30 year career at the bank. He is a renowned development economist and serves on several professional and trade organisations including as Director of the Advisory Board of the Initiative for Global Development (IGD) Dr. Zoukpo lives in Abidjan and provides strategic consultancy for inward investors. He has a degree from Tsukaba University in Japan and holds both Ivorian and Japanese citizenship.

A former Minister in charge of  civil service, labour and social affairs in  Cote d’Ivoire, Professor Atsain has spent his almost  40 year career focused on development issues in Africa. For a nine year period, he was engaged in senior roles with the United Nations mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo and has consulted with the African Development Bank regarding governance issues. He lives in Abidjan and works in strategic consultancy with Dr. Zoukpo.

Amb. (Ret.) Christopher Dell has lived and worked in Southern Africa for fifteen years. During more than thirty years in the United States Foreign, he served, inter alia, as the American Ambassador in Angola, Zimbabwe and Kosovo and in his last assignment he was the Deputy to the Commander of the United States Africa Command. Prior to joining Fieldstone in 2017, Chris worked for Bechtel, America's largest engineering and construction company and is currently based in Maputo.

Roberta Annan has joined Fieldstone as Senior Market Liaison. Originally from Ghana, West Africa, Roberta has lived and worked on four continents. She is the Managing Partner of Roberta Annan Capital Partners (RACP), a specialized boutique investment company that specializes in energy, agribusiness, education investments in Sub-Saharan Africa and through its advisory arm has represented and advised Private Equity Funds on their acquisition of power assets across the African Continent .

Jonathan is a managing director of Fieldstone Africa. He has over 30 years’ experience in investment banking, mostly in Africa and Asia. Before joining Fieldstone in 2006, his roles included CEO of Deutsche Bank’s Johannesburg branch and head of merchant banking for Barclays Africa. In addition to his activity in energy and infrastructure, Jonathan has specialised in local financial market development.  

Zahed is a managing director of Fieldstone Africa. He has 16 years’ experience as an adviser and investment banker in the energy, infrastructure, telecommunications  and oil and gas sectors in emerging markets. He joined Fieldstone in 2012 from Nedbank where he was head of the new business team in infrastructure, energy and telecoms. Zahed has previously held positions as an engineer at Exxon Mobil, head of turnkey systems for Biwater and acting head of credit risk and underwriting at the Export Credit Insurance Corporation of South Africa.

John is a senior banker at Fieldstone, who was recently named director of Fieldstone Africa Investment Resources (FAIR) – the project development resource subsidiary of Fieldstone. He has 14 years’ experience as an adviser in African power and infrastructure with Fieldstone. A CFA charter holder, he has focused recently on renewable generation including related structuring of asset portfolios.

Clarence is a consultant at Fieldstone Africa. He has more than 20 years’ experience in energy and infrastructure. He joined Fieldstone in 2002 and has a wide range of banking expertise covering thermal generation (coal, gas, jet fuel and diesel), renewable energy generation (hydro, wind and solar) and gas industry advisory.

Andrew Smith-Maxwell has 25 years’ experience as an adviser and principal in the infrastructure sector and in African businesses. He joined Fieldstone in 2003 having been the head of Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein’s global utility team. Recently, he has worked extensively with private companies in Nigeria.

Catherine is a senior representative of Fieldstone Africa based in Nairobi. She has 20 years’ experience in academia and managing the interface between private and public sectors in Kenya. Most recently, Catherine headed the agency responsible for the development of Konza Techno City. Her role was to ensure sustainable infrastructure planning and engineering. Previously, Catherine worked for the UN from 1998-2003. Her knowledge of governmental process and the individuals involved in key roles gives her insight into Kenya’s emerging programmes in infrastructure and energy production.

Taslimy is a director of Fieldstone Africa and runs the company’s Dakar office. He joined Fieldstone in 2017 and has 13 years’ experience as an investment banker with a focus on public private partnerships, project finance, M&A, infrastructure, energy, industrials, hospitality, and real estate. He has previously been the deputy Managing Director of the African investment banking arm of the largest Moroccan holding company, FinanceCom International S.A, which operates in financial, transport, technology, industrial, insurance, and telecommunications sectors. This tenure was followed by managing Iwol Capital, a boutique investment bank focused on West and Central African markets, which has advised insurance and private companies in developing and financing PPP projects and high-end real property and hospitality projects.

Barney is a Senior Representative of Fieldstone Africa based in Washington, D.C.  He also serves on the board of directors of ISO New England, the authority which operates the electric grid for this six state region; and on the board of an Indian solar company, a position to which he was nominated by an IFC affiliate.  In his career, Barney has worked for the World Bank in project development including work in Africa, in the US Department of State, as an investment banker at Lehman Brothers, EVP for Oxbow Power, CEO of Mirant Europe and H2Gen Innovations, and as an Operating Partner at Denham Capital. 

Bruno is Director of Fieldstone based in Lima, Peru, with responsibility for Latin America and the Caribbean.  Bruno has 20 years experience as a principal and advisor to  private sector entities and governments, principally in  emerging markets. Over the last ten years, Bruno has focused on energy including as Chief Investment Officer in a bio-fuel and power generation company in Latin America and Africa launched by two prominent family offices. He has been with Fieldstone for the last three years during which time he has been involved in projects in Argentina, Peru, Colombia and the Caribbean. Bruno holds a degree in Business from the Universidad de San Andres in Buenos Aires and is a citizen of the United Kingdom and Peru.

Brian is chief executive officer of Fieldstone Africa Investment Resources (FAIR). Prior to joining Fieldstone, Brian was a director at the project development company Prana Energy, where he was responsible for the development of a large portfolio of renewable energy, co-generation and thermal energy projects. He has over 10 years’ experience in the African energy sector and previously worked in Africa, the Middle East and Asia in infrastructure and energy intensive industries.

John is a director of Fieldstone Africa Investment Resources (FAIR). He has 14 years’ experience as an adviser in the African power and infrastructure with Fieldstone. A CFA charter holder, he has focused recently on renewable generation including related structuring of asset portfolios in recent years. 

Jeffery Safford is chief executive officer of Fieldstone Latin America Investment Resources (FLAIR), a joint venture between Fieldstone and Pan American Finance. Jeffery has over 25 years of global power experience, serving in executive management positions for The AES Corporation and Contour Global, across multiple jurisdictions and with a significant portion of his career spent on the Latin America markets.  He has participated in the placement of over US$5b of initial public and secondary equity offerings, corporate and project finance, and acquisition debt financings, collaborating with major commercial and project finance institutions across multiple jurisdictions.  In addition, Jeffery was responsible for the successful project development of over 2100 MW of conventional thermal and renewable energy projects, over US$3b in merger and acquisition of generation and distribution businesses and the negotiation of joint venture agreements with strategic partners.