Fieldstone Africa Investment Resources (FAIR), the development subsidiary of Fieldstone, was incorporated in 2016 to pursue renewable transactions that are in need of assistance beyond that provided through financial advisory alone.

FAIR assists in projects that are deemed to have great potential but lack some element which will make them a success for their sponsors and the community. FAIR has closed three projects to date (Uganda and Namibia) and is working on a large number of projects in advanced development throughout Africa. While the initial target was projects below 50 MW, the current pipeline also includes larger transactions.

FAIR has by virtue of its links to Fieldstone been able to be extremely selective with the projects in which it becomes involved (less than 10% of projects presented). FAIR has also been able to source grant funding from DFIs and at risk participation by professionals to advance desirable projects based on its pedigree.

FAIR is the answer to the market’s question: where can one find well structured green generation investment opportunities in Africa? Accordingly, FAIR has drawn significant investor interest.