Fieldstone Article: Horwath HTL Publication - Industry Report - Africa : The Hotel Development Process


The coronavirus crisis is particularly affecting the tourism and hospitality sector. As the consequences of the spread of the virus are evolving day by day, it is difficult at this stage to make reliable predictions on future performance in African markets.

While the current crisis is hitting the establishments in operation, it does not necessarily call into question the hotel projects under development on the continent. It should be remembered that a pre-crisis deficit in quality hotel rooms is estimated at around 22,000 rooms across the continent.

The number of hotels meeting international standards is still insufficient, particularly in terms of depth of range, in most of the sub-region’s capitals. In the secondary cities, this offer is almost non-existent. The hotel projects under development are therefore not called into question. On the other hand, even greater robustness will be expected in the hotel project dossiers that will be presented to investors and banks.

With this in mind, Horwath HTL, Archetype and Fieldstone propose, through this article, a return to the fundamentals of hotel development and a reminder of the main stages in the development of a project.

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